How it Works

Develop a flexible way of eating for life

This will be based around the framework of a generally nutritious, balanced diet. You’ll have the freedom to include any foods, whenever you choose. It’s freely adaptable around your lifestyle, schedule and preferences. This means that your eating style will be totally manageable and realistic for the long term. Slimtuitive enables you to take control of food and your diet, whilst enjoying every moment of your weight loss journey and never missing out.


Maintain your happy weight easily

Slimtuitive encourages good lifestyle habits – the simple things like getting enough sleep and enjoying being more active. Intuitively know what your body needs and choose to honour that most of the time. Body Positivity and Self-Care are also a big focus. These behaviours promote good health and general well-being. They also promote weight loss and help to make it effortlessly maintainable for life. After all there’s so much more to life than dieting and thinking about your weight.



What you get –

  • Comprehensive information and full guidance on what to do and how to get started.
  • A 12 week subscription including online My Slimtuitive account where you can keep a record of your weight loss journey by uploading photos, and tracking weight and/or body measurements and set a target weight if you wish. (You can continue on a monthly basis after 12 weeks if you wish to.)
  • Guidance and information on topics such as mindset, lifestyle, habits, and general wellbeing to help you stay on track throughout your Slimtuitive journey – and beyond.

All you have to do is enjoy your Slimtuitive journey!

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